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Ambulatory Care & Outpatient Clinic Services

At Ascendant, we understand that detoxing is the first step in the long-term journey toward wellness.

Supporting You in a Time of Transition

As you progress through detox, there is the option to continue treatment on an outpatient basis. There is reliable evidence that patients who follow through with ambulatory care, following detox, are more likely to succeed in their long-term goals of remaining sober. With this in mind, we continue to provide you with the same high standards of care while meeting with you during your scheduled outpatient clinic appointments, and we continue to monitor your health and progress while providing any appropriate medications.

The flexibility of outpatient clinic services ensures that you have continued support during this important time, while being free to return to home or work obligations. Attending to normal life, while still receiving treatment, is a helpful way to transition from our inpatient care to a longer-term treatment program. Many find that, without this continued support, the temptation to return to substance abuse can be overwhelming.

The Need for Continued, Outpatient Clinic Services

The stresses which existed during the substance addiction do not disappear with the process of detox, and, in some cases, they become even more acute. Becoming sober provides an individual with the ability to accurately assess life choices, and one may find that other important changes need to be made along the path of wellness. Being presented with the possibility of needing to make decisions regarding change can add stress for those who are in recovery, and this stress can result in a temptation to revisit substances as a means of coping.

There is also often a challenge with adapting to your personal life while sober. While friends and family may be initially overjoyed that you have decided to make this lifestyle change, this support can evolve into expectations that everything be fixed, immediately. There is also the possibility that, as much as those around have complained about your substance abuse, they have simultaneously become accustomed to the way things were, before. They may not know how to cope with the changes that your new, sober, lifestyle brings. These expectations and reactions from others can be frustrating – and confusing – for the recovering individual, and can even lead some to consider returning to the substance as a way of escaping the pressure.

Returning to life outside of the treatment facility can also present a risk for relapse due to the familiar scenarios and situations which are encountered. Our brains are designed to recognize patterns, and tend to associate certain people and places with certain behaviors. When a recovering person revisits former locations, people, or situations, it is often the case that temptations to use the substance will arise. It takes time – and continued resistance to these temptations – to rewire the brain to not think of using a substance in these scenarios.

What to Expect While in Our Ambulatory Care Program

Ascendant New York’s ambulatory care program is designed as an extension of your overall plan for continued sobriety. For those continuing their treatment at a rehab, we work with you and your rehabilitation provider to ensure a comfortable transition. A post-detox plan of action is created with your physician, and you will be provided with a complete summary of your treatment. This summary includes a customized sobriety maintenance guide, as well as provides guidance in what to expect during the next days and weeks of your recovery.

In addition to our assistance with rehabilitation facility transition and our continued medical support, we offer outpatient clinic therapy for your psychological needs. These outpatient clinic therapy options can include group and individual counseling sessions, as well as holistic approaches to wellness, such as yoga; meditation; acupressure; and Tai Chi sessions. Such programs are designed to relax both body, and mind, as you continue along your path of sobriety. As always, friends and family members are invited to participate with you in this process of sustaining your wellness, should you choose to include them.

For those transitioning to a longer-term facility, we can assist you with arranging transportation to your new treatment site. We make every effort to ensure that you receive continuity of care as you progress through the process of your recovery, and our ambulatory care program for continued support can be utilized as a consistent ally along your journey.

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