What to Expect

We understand that each person’s journey through recovery is unique. The following is a general guide on what to expect during your treatment.

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Your Stay At Ascendant

First Contact

Whether it’s a call or an email, you will get the caring response you deserve at this critical time in your life.

The first time that you or your provider talk with us, we will work to get a better understanding of your treatment needs and answer any questions that you or your loved ones may have.

That same day, we can provide more detailed information to help you prepare for your stay.


You will be warmly greeted at our front door by a member of our admissions staff at your designated check in time. While we take your luggage, you’ll be shown to a comfortable waiting area and asked a few basic health questions. 


Our counselor will then take you to our admissions office where you and your loved one will discuss the care plan that meets your needs. You will also be given a tour of the facility before being shown to your room. A member of our nursing staff will conduct an initial exam and ensure you are comfortable. 


The length of your stay at Ascendant will depend on a few factors, including which substances are in your system. An average stay is between 4-7 days, but may be longer or shorter depending on your needs. We offer private rooms if needed.

Your care will be overseen by our highly-qualified clinical staff who will prescribe medications, as needed, to address the discomfort of withdrawal.

Other treatments, including massage, yoga and counseling, may be introduced as withdrawal symptoms subside. You will receive the support that you need throughout your stay to make you as comfortable as possible.

Leaving Ascendant

We will notify your physician and review your post-detox plan of action with you. This may include continuing care at a rehab facility or ongoing addiction counseling depending on what you and your physician decide. In case you are continuing your care elsewhere, we can arrange transportation on your behalf.

We will provide you with a summary of your treatment, your aftercare plan and information on what to expect physically, mentally and emotionally in the coming days. If there is the need for outpatient treatments at Ascendant, we will schedule those with you before you leave. 

Outpatient Treatment

Some patients will continue their detox on an outpatient basis. At these appointments, you will continue to receive the same attention and medical care with the added flexibility of scheduling around other work or home obligations.  

You can elect to participate in our therapy sessions, yoga, counseling and other activities to support your recovery. 

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