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Why Choose Ascendant New York for Addiction Treatment?

Learn more about what makes Ascendant New York Unique, our advanced therapies to treat both substance use disorder and mental health conditions, and our aftercare programs to ensure lasting sobriety.


The Ascendant Philosophy

The name of our facility, Ascendant, means superior and influential. That’s the impression we strive to perpetuate with every patient, treatment, and session.

We know every patient’s journey is unique, and every path to recovery is uniquely personal. This has led us to create a singular patient experience for everyone we treat.

One that promotes warmth, holistic health and wellness, collaborative treatment, and positive community in order to facilitate lasting recovery. One that is applied with compassionate care, transparent treatment, and open communication. We work hard to ensure every patient feels accepted and is treated with kindness.

Our team is passionate about what they do, honest in how they serve, operates with integrity, and is committed to providing concierge-style detox and rehab services.

There is far more success in lasting recovery when the journey begins under the care and direction of experienced addiction treatment professionals. Begin with us today.

The Ascendant Philosophy
The Ascendant Philosophy
What Makes Ascendant The Premier NYC Detox?

What Makes Ascendant The Premier Detox Center in NYC?

Personalized and Flexible Care

Our staff is committed to working collaboratively with each patient, their clinical care team, and their loved ones. The purpose of open and transparent communications is to help our medical care team design an individualized plan for care and treatment. This customized approach is what gives each patient the best chance of success long-term.

Each patient’s mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual needs are carefully considered when scheduling our high-quality and highly-successful treatment plans. All patients admitted into our inpatient program will undergo a comprehensive interview and evaluation. Here is where all expectations are clarified, and a path to recovery begins to take shape.

In order for us to help as many patients as possible, admissions are facilitated 24/7. This allows anyone to begin treatment at a time that works around their life and their schedule.

If you or a loved one are actively struggling with alcohol or substance use, don’t hesitate to call right away. It can get better, you just have to start.

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Qualified Addiction Specialists and Support Teams

Our exceptional team starts at the top with our Executive Team and Medical Director. These are the professionals responsible for setting the vision of our facility and ensuring every other layer of service and care hits the mark.

On a daily basis, our patients interact with our nine other departments and their respective teams. From Registered Nurses, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Primary Clinicians, Clinical Case Managers, Behavioral Health Technicians, and Clinical Support Specialists to Admissions, Clinical Outreach, and Housekeeping, all of our teams are here to improve patient experience and facilitate recovery-driven transformations.

Offering medically-supervised drug and alcohol detox, our team of experienced addiction specialists are experts in this field of medicine. We’ve seen and done it all. From evidenced-based treatment modalities and expert therapeutic care to safe medication assistance and supportive clinical care, each step of our process is designed to reduce chemical dependency and safely manage withdrawal symptoms.

All of our therapies, group sessions, and inpatient programs take place in a nurturing environment and are administered by our team of medical and clinical addiction specialists. These qualified professionals uphold compassion and promote a shame-free process in a judgment-free zone. Through the application of holistic treatment and medication-assisted detox and rehab, Ascendant is happy to be the channel for patient recovery and wellness.

Upscale NYC Facility

Consider our facility a serene and peaceful sanctuary. We welcome patients here to recover, rest, and heal. Our comfortably luxurious space offers a tranquil setting situated in the heart of the city. We sit on 60th street, just east of Park Ave and only a few blocks from Central Park.

Qualified Addiction Specialists and Support Teams

Serving the Tri-State Area

Whether you or your loved one call NYC home or you’re visiting from out of the area, you’re in the right place. Residents from Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, Long Island and anywhere else are welcome here.

Ascendant’s Accreditations

These accreditations are a clear testament to our commitment to excellence in compassionate patient care and premier addiction treatment.

Awards & Accreditations

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