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What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a short-term form of psychotherapy administered to families, partners, and couples. This group format requires engagement from all involved parties at some level, and how each group is formed will vary from case to case.

Family therapy and counseling help family members improve communication and solve internal problems in a healthy way. Sessions are most commonly administered by a psychologist or licensed therapist and are designed to fit each family unit with considerations for each individual member.

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Who is Family Counseling For?

Family counseling is a therapeutic service for any close family relationships, such as parents, children, and siblings, and also for intimate partners. Patients often seek out family counseling services when struggling with marital issues, financial hardship, recurring conflicts, and difficulty with productive communication.

Therapy for families is also helpful when undergoing significant life changes, a recent loss, a serious illness, or to help navigate mental health conditions or the effects of substance abuse. Each one of these challenges can present considerable obstacles to a dynamic that is already demanding.

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What Does Family Therapy Look Like?

Services for family therapy at Ascendant are never the same twice. Each family unit undergoes a detailed evaluation to better understand its unique circumstances and challenges.

Once the provider has a clear understanding of how things stand, they’re equipped to develop a detailed and custom treatment plan to help the family navigate the process of healing and restoration. From talk therapy modalities to experiential therapeutic sessions, there are myriad ways for our providers to help restore families and individuals to a healthier level of functioning.

During family sessions, each member will have an opportunity to examine the existing dynamic, how problems are solved, and the level of self-expression that is allowed to flourish. The practitioner will explore family roles and historical behavior patterns to help identify what may be contributing to conflict and poor communication.

At Ascendant, we make sure to emphasize the positive! We will help each family unit discover and acknowledge its wins and strengths. This approach helps to relieve the pressure and find balance in what can feel like an intimidating and difficult process.

Families come to our treatment center from Brooklyn, NYC, and the surrounding areas.

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How Does Family Therapy Help Individuals, Families, and Couples?

At Ascendant, our services for family therapy in New York are designed to help family units who are experiencing a myriad of circumstances.

In the case of a serious mental health diagnosis, there are often many questions that arise related to care, medication, and long-term plans that are difficult to navigate alone. Or it could be after the loss of a loved one and through the process of grieving.

Couples struggling with infidelity or a lack of trust may find helpful insight and a clearer understanding of one another in family counseling sessions. The goal could be to help them either navigate forgiveness and restoration or separation and individual growth, depending on each individual’s needs and goals.

If a loved one is ensnared in a drug or alcohol, family members are encouraged to attend family therapy during the patient’s residential treatment or detox. At Ascendant, we welcome family members at any stage of their loved one’s addiction, whether they’re in treatment yet or not. Helping family and partners to know how best to help their spouse or relative is a highly valuable resource.

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