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Patients who have just completed an inpatient or detox program, need ongoing support. An IOP program is the ideal fit for patients who need a level of care that provides additional support in their recovery journey but no longer requires the constant oversight of a residential program.

9 Hours of Weekly Group Work

Weekly Individual Sessions

Regular Drug & Breathalyzer Tests

Our intensive outpatient treatment program combines flexibility with comprehensive healthcare creating a perfect holistic balance custom to each individual. Ascendant New York’s substance use disorder recovery programs consist of several treatments and modalities to treat alcohol addiction, opioid use disorder, and much more.

Individual Psychiatric Care

Medication Management

Evidence-Based Therapies

Experiential Therapies

Trauma-Informed Services

Group Support

Aftercare Planning

Relapse Prevention Coping Skills

Therapeutic Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center New York City, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, and Staten Island.

What To Expect at Our NYC Outpatient Program

Facilitated by our highly-qualified practitioners, our addiction recovery program is designed to contend with negative thoughts and emotions and the undesirable behavior they lead to.

These treatments are reinforced by developing healthy coping skills and implementing mindfulness techniques. During individual behavioral therapy and group sessions, patients will develop a greater sense of self and social awareness and improve their ability to manage emotions.

As the patient maintains sobriety and requires less intensive care, they’re empowered to continue treatment as needed with a long-term care plan that will help them reach their goal of lifelong sobriety.

Outpatient Rehab Drug Addiction Help in New York, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens

Individualized Treatment Plans at our Outpatient Rehab in NYC

At Ascendant, we recognize that every patient’s path to recovery will be different. Their unique journey requires specialized attention, care, and planning to achieve lasting recovery.

However, we also know that inpatient rehab isn’t where most journeys end. It’s where they begin. After the patient leaves inpatient rehab is when ongoing support, such as a support group, is essential for relapse prevention. Our case managers will design a continuing care plan designed to suit each patient’s individual path for lasting recovery.

From making solid connections with a trusted community of supportive peers and mentors to receiving weekly and practical individual sessions, our program is designed to help you develop the skills and habits needed to build a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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Continuing support and evidence-based treatment options are what give each patient the best chance of lasting sobriety and improved quality of life. Don’t wait until faced with the risk of relapse in your everyday life.

Explore the Ascendant’s outpatient rehab. NYC residents and visitors alike will leave supported and equipped to build the life they deserve to live.

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