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Withdrawal Symptoms From Meth: Timeline & How To Get Help if Addicted To Meth

Common symptoms experienced during withdrawal from meth include intense appetite, emotional instability, increased tendency to become agitated, disruption of sleep cycles and potential insomnia, fever, sweating, fatigue, paranoid behavior, hallucinations, confusion, itchy & red eyes, dehydration, nausea, feelings of anxiousness, tremors, depression, and thoughts of suicide or self-harm. While most individuals will experience at least one of these symptoms, and many will experience a few, there will be some users that will either not experience any or will experience them all.

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How Smoking Weed Everyday Can Cause Serious Side-Effects To The User

There have also been additional indications that users who smoke weed every day for many years are prone to having a more challenging time completing cognitive tests than users who either reported that they did not smoke weed at all or only smoked once in a while. The study did demonstrate that the risks were low and the effects were minimal, it can still be demonstrated that smoking weed every day does have some effect on both memory and cognition.

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What Are Alcoholism Shakes & How Do They Happen?

When the signs of alcoholism are noticed, it is important to take the proper steps towards detox, otherwise, you could end up dealing with some serious health complications. At the first sign of dependence or alcoholism shakes, it is crucial to speak with your doctor to find out the best plan for getting sober and ending the alcoholism shakes. When left alone, brain damage will only get worse without any sort of treatment. This means that over time, alcoholism shakes could cause disability, which could impact the individual’s ability to care for themselves.

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How To Know If You Are Suffering From a Ketamine Addiction & What To Do About It

The psychological dependence of a ketamine addiction is often defined by a strong and almost constant desire or craving to experience the effects of the drug. The most prominent of these effects include an incredibly strong psychedelic high, generally accompanied by extremely vivid or intense hallucinations. In some situations, the user will be trying to experience the highly dissociative effects that are reported to feel like leaving your body.

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Alpram: What You Need to Know About Alprazolam & It’s Addiction Potential Before You Try It

One of the most dangerous drugs available right now is called Alpram. Alpram is the name brand of a popular formula of alprazolam, which is in a group of drugs called benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines are very specific depressants, which significantly slow down the user’s central nervous system. For this reason, it is frequently prescribed as an anti-anxiety medication, as well as a substance to help mitigate panic disorders.

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Kratom Capsules: Side-Effects, Withdrawal Symptoms & Addiction Treatment Options

As a natural supplement, many people think this is a safe way to manage the symptoms of many conditions, but those that try it often realize how dangerous Kratom capsules really are. Not only are there unpleasant side effects, but there is also a fairly high likelihood of becoming dependent or addicted. Long-term use and the build-up of a tolerance to the drug can make it exceptionally hard to quit.

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Percocet Addiction: Behavioral Signs of An Addiction & How To Get Help

If you think that you or someone you care about may be living with a Percocet addiction, there are a number of signs to look for that may provide additional insight to either confirm or deny your feelings. While not every individual with a Percocet addiction will show all the signs, they will often show at least a few, even if they have become adept at hiding many of them.

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What Are 12 Step Programs?

For those people struggling with addiction, it can often feel like they are all alone to face an unwinnable battle. They can feel like they are an impossible journey without anyone around to guide or support them. Luckily, there is assistance out there for those fighting this disease. 12 Step programs have been assisting folks in their recovery for many years. Despite their prevalence in assisting those who are battling dependency to a variety of unhealthy influences, they are still not understood by a number of people in our society. Below is some information about these helpful programs for those who may want to know more about them.

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Drug Slang You Need To Watch For

Today’s illegal drug market offers convenience, accessibility, and stronger drugs than ever before. As if keeping up with your teenager’s activities and whereabouts wasn’t hard enough, now, understanding their “lingo” is more important than ever before. Fortunately, young people’s drug slogans can offer clues on what your teen is up to when you know what they’re saying.

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