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What Are 12 Step Programs?

For those people struggling with addiction, it can often feel like they are all alone to face an unwinnable battle. They can feel like they are an impossible journey without anyone around to guide or support them. Luckily, there is assistance out there for those fighting this disease. 12 Step programs have been assisting folks in their recovery for many years. Despite their prevalence in assisting those who are battling dependency to a variety of unhealthy influences, they are still not understood by a number of people in our society. Below is some information about these helpful programs for those who may want to know more about them.

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Drug Slang You Need To Watch For

Today’s illegal drug market offers convenience, accessibility, and stronger drugs than ever before. As if keeping up with your teenager’s activities and whereabouts wasn’t hard enough, now, understanding their “lingo” is more important than ever before. Fortunately, young people’s drug slogans can offer clues on what your teen is up to when you know what they’re saying.

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What Does Cocaine Do To Your Nose?

Cocaine can be snorted, smoked, and injected into the bloodstream but snorting cocaine delivers the “high” that lasts the longest, making it the method of choice among many users. While snorting cocaine may give you more bang for your buck, snorting can actually cause extensive damage to your nose over time and some of this damage may be permanent.

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What Is Addiction and Am I An Addict?

When you’re in the throes of substance abuse, it can be hard to spot a growing addiction problem. Friends and loved ones can see it. If you’re wondering “what is addiction,” there’s a good chance you’re starting to see it, too. Addiction develops in stages that can be easy to miss; especially when drug or alcohol cravings start vying for your attention. Asking yourself, “am I addict” may well be the first step towards seeing the problem for it is.

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Detoxing from Alcohol and Drugs – Why Detox Is a Necessary First Step

The fear of alcohol and drug withdrawal is the number one reason why so many people avoid getting needed treatment help. Unfortunately, this fear only feeds the addiction problem. When left untreated, a mild to moderate substance abuse problem can quickly turn into a raging, full-blown addiction. So why is detox a necessary first step? Detoxing from alcohol and drugs helps you break the vicious cycle that substance abuse becomes.

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The Evils of Rapid Detox

First used in the 1980s to help people overcome opioid dependency, rapid drug detox is now advertised as a quick and painless miracle-cure for opioid addiction. Unfortunately, these claims disregard the severe damage opioid addiction leaves behind in its wake. The evils of rapid detox lie in its inability to support recovering addicts in the areas where support is most needed. Physical, emotional, and psychological health risks abound when rapid detox is used as a “one-stop treatment cure” for opioid addiction.

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