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Our promise for those seeking a life free from substance abuse is to deliver a treatment experience beyond your expectations. We pride ourselves on being highly-skilled professionals, dedicated to providing personal and exceptional care.

Ascendant Leadership

Tzvi Heber CEO Ascendant NY detox center NY city


Tzvi Heber

Tzvi entered the field of recovery as a drug and alcohol counselor. The understood importance of treatment and feeling of purpose inspired his career change. With immense gratitude, he transitioned as the Director at Serenity Services. Tzvi then became the current CEO of Ascendant NY. Incorporating his professional and personal experiences, is a guiding force to provide treatment with humility, compassion, and dignity. As the leader, he works with his team to evolve the traditional culture of detox facilities. He seeks to fill the gaps where treatment falls short. Tzvi is cultivating individualized client-focused care- emphasizing that every person who walks through the door matters.

When Tzvi founded the YY House Foundation, these values were and remain most important. Every dinner held at his home is the anchor of the YY House, where individuals in recovery come together. He takes pride in the non-profit’s growth- now helping those struggling with access to resources, services, and more. Addiction is a disease defined by isolation. He continually works to create spaces that replace isolation with community. Whether at Ascendant NY, a YY House dinner, or at home with his beloved family- Tzvi remembers why he chose this path. He views his position as a gift and opportunity to provide someone support while seeking treatment. His passion has never wavered when saying, “There is help and recovery is possible.”

Executive Director

Charlotte Bareiss, LMSW

Charlotte received her B.A. from Georgetown University. In pursuit of helping others, she then completed a Post-Baccalaureate of Psychology from Columbia University and obtained her Master of Social Work from New York University. Her previous experience includes work at Weill Cornell’s Midtown Center for Treatment and Research. Charlotte takes a comprehensive and compassionate approach to treating clients, including engagement with their support systems. Centered in the interpersonal nature of recovery, she connects clients to resources and aligns treatment plans for building a life worth living. Charlotte’s passion and specialized guidance for each unique individual, echo the environment Ascendant NY strives to provide every day.

Chief Operating Officer

Charisse Ebreo, LCSW

Charisse obtained her B.A. in Sociology with a Minor in Political Science from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and received her Master in Social Work from New York University (NYU). She then obtained her Post Master’s Certificate in Clinical Approaches to Addiction from NYU, and her Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI) Certificate from Fordham University. She believes everyone has an opportunity to make changes in their life regardless of the situation and that Ascendant New York can be that beacon of hope to help those struggling to find recovery.

Chief Compliance and Program Officer

Shari Noonan, ESQ

Shari brings an extensive track record of success to Ascendant managing health and human services agencies and initiatives within the New York State government. She was Assistant Counsel to Governor George E. Pataki, and under his direction, led the re-engineering of the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (NYS OASAS). Ms. Noonan holds a B.A, cum laude, from Cornell University, and a J.D. from Albany Law School at Union University.

Ascendant NYC Harold Greenberg Director of Admissions

Harold Greenberg

Harold’s passion for the treatment industry is firmly rooted in his capability to help individuals in crisis. His main objective has been to cultivate an atmosphere of support for individuals throughout the admissions process. He believes that by removing barriers we can guide people to choose recovery and, ultimately, help save their life.

Vice President of Clinical and Community Outreach

Lloyd Fitzsimmons

Director of Admissions

Joshua Zeises

Behavioral Health Technician

Davion Wynter

The Ascendant Team

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