NYC Experiential Therapy for Substance Abuse

What Is Experiential Therapy?

Experiential therapy is a form of hands-on, tangible therapeutic treatment that allows patients to express themselves through activities, the use of interactive tools, and even animals. These and other methods allow patients to address past traumas or substance addictions through physical engagement.

When a patient is in recovery, it brings up a significant amount of emotions, feelings, and memories that are difficult to understand and process. Experiential therapeutic modalities are designed to help the patient focus on movement, physical touch, sound, and visual stimulation while engaging in a defined activity.

Experiential therapy helps patients learn and practice new ways to work through a complex internal process and develop new coping skills. It’s an effective way to help them release negative associations with the past.

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Various Types of Experiential Therapy in NYC

Experiential therapy isn’t one treatment modality but rather a classification. There are many styles of execution for experiential therapy, including art therapy, music therapy, equine therapy, and theatrical therapy.

These treatments immerse the patient in an external process of creation or interaction to stimulate new revelations about themselves and insight into their own internal processes, feelings, and thoughts.

Experiential Therapeutic Arts

Music, art, and drama are highly effective methods for drawing experiences out of the patient and helping them process, verbalize, or otherwise express their inner thoughts about their past traumas or experiences.

Animal Experiential Therapy

From caring for horses to interacting with therapy dogs, animal-assisted therapy is another effective and enjoyable therapeutic intervention. This is an evidence-based practice that advances the recovery and healing process of patients.

Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy is a live participation program focused on what nature has to offer centered around a life-changing experience. Activities such as exploring the great outdoors, hiking and climbing, obstacle courses, boating or sailing, and other outdoor expeditions make up the standard fare of adventure therapy.

Experiential Therapy Benefits substance addictions or mental health struggles

Who Can Benefit From Experiential Therapy?

Experiential therapy is a valuable and effective pursuit for many patients experiencing a variety of substance addictions or mental health struggles. From alcohol or drug addiction to mental health challenges and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD),  we can help you, or a loved one understand, address, and heal from the past, whatever form that takes.

Experiential therapy is made up of several evidence-based modalities that are widely respected in the medical and psychiatric communities. These treatments help the patient address the internal obstacles surrounding their trauma or addiction so they can get beyond the mental and emotional blocks to a place of healing and recovery.

Experiential Therapy FAQs

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How does Adventure Therapy help?

Adventure Therapy promotes rehabilitation and holistic wellness through structured activities involving hands-on experience. It is supported by an on-site therapist as well as traditional treatment.

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Is Adventure Therapy dangerous?

No. Many adventure therapies take place in the great outdoors but are low-impact activities such as hiking, bird watching, and being still in the wilderness. Patient safety is of paramount importance and every precaution is taken for those activities that require may safety equipment.

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How does Adventure Therapy help?

Adventure Therapy promotes rehabilitation and holistic wellness through structured activities involving hands-on experience. It is supported by an on-site therapist as well as traditional treatment.

Adventure Therapy promotes drug rehabilitation and holistic wellness

What role does the therapist take in Adventure Therapy?

An experiential therapist will accompany the patient and encourage them to work through inner thoughts and address natural responses. Their tactics are not forceful but more empowering.

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How is Experiential Therapy different from traditional therapy methods?

Experiences influence who we are as people. With experiential modalities, the patient is given the opportunity to live through a new experience while connecting with past trauma or unhealthy habits. This allows the patient to physically participate in their recovery rather than merely discuss it.

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