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Addiction Treatment Resources To Help You Find a Rehab Near You

Our Addiction Treatment Resource Guides Have Been Curated To Help You Find Quality Addiction Treatment Close to Home in the Tri-State Area

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Addiction Treatment Guides - New York

New York

Our New York City detox center specializes in medically-supervised detoxification from alcohol, prescription drugs, and illicit drugs.

Serving As The Premier Drug & Alcohol Rehab Near You

New Jersey

We offer holistic healing & outpatient services for a wide range of addiction types. Speak with one of our staff confidentially today to learn more.

Addiction Treatment Guides - Connecticut


If you are a Connecticut resident seeking drug or alcohol detox services, the experienced clinicians and medical staff at Ascendant can help.

West Side Of Manhattan From Hudson Commons


With access to practical resources and effective interventions, individuals or family members struggling with mental and substance use disorders can find the healthcare they need to heal.

Addiction Treatment Guides - Queens


These services range from residential care to outpatient programs, meaning that individuals can get the help they need to overcome their addiction regardless of their financial situation.

Local Resources & Information for Addiction Treatment If you are in the Brooklyn area and need help now


Whether it’s through inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation programs, counseling, medication-assisted treatment, or support groups, there are many paths to healing and recovery available in Brooklyn.

Addiction Treatment Guides: Long Island

Long Island

Long Island has many options for those seeking help. With the right care, resources and support, individuals can overcome the obstacles of addiction.

Staten Island in New York Skyline

Staten Island

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction in Staten Island, do not hesitate to seek help and take the first step towards a healthy and sober life.

Addiction Treatment Guides - Bronx


There are various resources available in the borough for individuals suffering from substance use disorders to receive the necessary guidance and support to conquer addiction.

Medically-Assisted Detox, Holistic Treatment, Evidence-Based Therapies: The Ascendant Difference

An Upscale NYC Detox and Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

Using proven and industry-leading practices for medically assisted detox and holistic therapeutic treatment, we believe recovery is possible for everyone. We believe that in order to be successful at lifelong sobriety, patients must be equipped with the tools and skills they need to succeed on their own.

We give them the space they need and the support they crave to address and overcome any underlying issues. At Ascendant, we believe that lasting sobriety is far more successful when undertaken with the support of compassionate care and a trusted network of caring accountability. That’s what we do here at Ascendant.

“Ascendant Is Your Guide.
Detox And Treatment Is The Door.
You Are The Key.”

Come From Home, Heal In The Heart of The City

Come From Home, Heal In The Heart of The City

If being settled close to home is important to you or your loved ones, we’re here to support your journey. With family therapeutic services as part of our detox and rehab services, local patients and their families can take advantage of our services without traveling long distances.

Stay close to familiar amenities, primary care physicians, and family members while taking advantage of our inpatient services. Easy transportation is available via subway to our corner or chauffeur service from door to door.

Whether you’re traveling from Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, Staten Island, or New Jersey, the short distance is worth the journey. The comfortably luxurious environment at our upscale facility is designed to promote rest, reflection, and restoration so you can start building the future you want and a life you love again.

A Bird’s Eye View of Our Service Areas - Ascendant

A Bird’s Eye View of Our Service Areas

Offering compassionate care for mental health conditions, substance abuse, and dual diagnosis in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and the five surrounding boroughs.

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