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What Is Motivational Interviewing Therapy?

Motivational Interviewing is a therapeutic technique that works to change ambivalent behaviors in patients. A lack of motivation is often one of the greatest barriers to overcoming drug and alcohol abuse or process addictions.

This treatment modality is designed to help people discover the motivation they need to make a positive change in their behavior or habits. Of course, part of the human experience is conflicting desires.

The principles behind motivational counseling are designed to help the patient move beyond their indecisive and ambivalent internal narrative to take the desired healthy action. It is a process that helps patients take ownership of their recovery and their life.

Motivational Therapy For Substance Abuse NYC, Queens, Bronx

Motivational Therapy and Substance Abuse

Motivational counseling is a practice of motivating patients to change certain behaviors. When in the case of substance abuse, it’s a well-accepted principle that the patient must desire a change in behavior and results in order for any form of treatment to be effective.

Many individuals who suffer from substance use disorders, be it drugs, alcohol, or process addictions, often lack the drive to change undesirable behaviors on their own. This is due to a variety of reasons that will vary from patient to patient.

In most cases, they’re not ready to give up the positive sensation of the substance, or they’re not aware of the negative consequences it has on their lives. For others, they don’t believe their substance addiction is as serious as it truly is.

Whatever the case, all patients who successfully participate in motivational counseling are partially aware of the natural negative effects of the substance in their life, admittedly or not.

Motivational therapy sessions will facilitate the patient’s process, at their own pace, to prepare for change and assist them in overcoming any underlying fears or apathy towards change.

NYC Motivational Interviewing (MI) Counseling and Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) Drug Rehab

The Various Types of Motivational Therapy

There are two primary forms of motivational therapy, Motivational Interviewing (MI) or Counseling and Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET). While similar, there are a few differences.

If the goal is to make a positive improvement in life and behavior, but the motivation to do so is lacking, MI will be a beneficial treatment. This could include someone who needs to make dietary changes due to an illness, overcome substance abuse, or cease reckless behavior.

MET specifically treats only substance use disorders to help patients make rapid internal changes in order to stop consuming drugs or alcohol. These sessions occur over an accelerated time period with only a few sessions. After MET, other treatments may be arranged to assist the patient in long-term sobriety.

New York, Queens, Bronx Motivational Interviewing And Group Therapy Alcohol Rehab

Motivational Interviewing And Group Therapy

When adapted to the group setting, MI is an effective treatment to help patients to talk through their addiction or undesirable behaviors and learn from the experiences of others. Together, they form an accountability unit and help one another commit to change.

During guided group sessions, the practitioner will give opportunities for reflection and mindfulness. They will ask open-ended questions to facilitate discussion and processing. Affirmations and personal empowerment are also strong components of motivational interviewing in group sessions.

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The road to recovery and lasting sobriety looks different for everyone but the destination is always the same. Healing, hope, and restoration. Don’t wait for self-motivation to suddenly kick in for yourself for a loved one. Let us help you nurture and cultivate it intentionally for the best chance of success.