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Internal Family Systems Therapy In New York City, The 5 Boroughs, & New Jersey

Have you or a loved one ever thought “part of me has this desire, but another part has this conflicting desire?” This is not a strange or uncommon phenomenon. You’re in the right place for healing the mind and restoring emotional balance.


The IFS therapy field of study is based on the principle that the mind naturally contains several sub-personalities or “parts” that make up an internal “family” system. These parts make up how the mind interacts with life around us from different “parts” of ourselves.

For example, many of these mental parts are derived from our childhood habits and behavior patterns that represent the internal conversations we have with ourselves from various perspectives. Some parts can be described as the innocent inner child, the rebel, or the responsible one.

Not to be confused with a multiple personality disorder, these internal parts of self are more a reflection of how one copes with our surroundings and circumstances and do not represent another entity.

NYC Internal Family Systems Therapy For Substance Abuse Queens, Bronx, Manhattan

What Does IFS Therapy Help Treat?

IFS therapy is an evidence-based modality that is used in the treatment of many mental health and substance use disorders. From depression, panic attacks, and anxiety to post-traumatic stress disorder, drug and alcohol addictions, and phobias.

With these treatments, practitioners have also seen success and improvement in physical pain and general health and well-being. At Ascendant NYC, we believe this modality can empower individuals to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and bring harmonious function to mind, body, and soul.

Ascendant NYC patients undergo initial assessment to help staff learn each patient

What Does IFS Therapy Look Like?

At Ascendant, all of our patients undergo a detailed initial assessment that helps our therapeutic and clinical staff learn the best way to help each patient. Based on this assessment, a comprehensive treatment plan will be designed to fit the patient’s needs and goals.

The IFS modality is a conglomeration of several other established psychological schools of practice. From traditional narrative and structural modalities, these practices are brought together with the core principles of IFS based on the 6 Fs framework.[1]

  • To find the desired part within
  • To focus on that part of self
  • To flesh out the associated emotions
  • To feel toward those emotions
  • To befriend that part of self and accept it
  • To understand the fears surrounding that part of self

Sessions with an IFS therapist consist of a form of talk therapy and mindfulness. The practitioner will help the patient navigate internal thoughts and feelings to gain a stronger awareness of self.

Our IFS therapists at our NYC facility may encourage patients to take up daily journaling and use visual aids to provide a framework for verbalizing internal processes. Other exercises may include breathwork and visualization.

All sessions are private and confidential. They can be virtual or hosted at our comfortably luxurious facility designed to promote a serene and transformative experience.

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How IFS Therapy Is Different From Other Therapeutic Modalities

Most modern psychotherapy models are focused on seeking the desired solution. Another common form of therapy is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This practice works to change the patient’s thoughts to bring about a change in behavior or mood.

IFS takes a different approach by focusing on self-led understanding and awareness. Achieving a greater state of awareness and acceptance is the goal, rather than an external change in behavior.

How To Get Started With IFS Therapy in NYC Today

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