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Verified, Accurate Medical Information Every Time

Here at Ascendant New York, we understand the importance of having access to accurate medical information you can trust, especially when you or a loved one is suffering from addiction. That’s why we thoroughly verify all information presented on our website to ensure that it remains current, correct, and easy to understand.

How We Do It

What processes do we go through in order to ensure our data remains accurate and up-to-date?

Consistency in Messaging

If our information is not accurate one time, our credibility as a recovery center is moot. If you or a loved one walks through our doors, you expect to receive only the highest of care. Why should our standards be any different for our website or online presence?

That is why all of the information presented on our website is independently verified by medical professionals to ensure it remains both factually correct and current with scientific medical data.

Compassion is Everything

In today’s society, there is still a stigma surrounding both seeking mental health help and recovering from substance abuse disorder. If you or a loved one walk through our doors, you can expect to only be treated with the utmost of compassion and empathy. At Ascendant, we know it’s what you deserve.

We extend that compassion and care toward everything we do, from helping you or a loved one receive the addiction help you need to ensuring that all the information on this website is as easy-to-understand as possible.


Here at Ascendant New York, we strive to create a space where everyone is treated equally. That is why we are taking a stand for inclusivity both in our online content and at our detox center.

Everyone has the right to seek treatment for substance abuse without stigma or discomfort. As everyone’s addiction recovery journey is different, we strive to cater to each individual patient’s circumstances rather than attempt a blanket treatment for all patients.

This extends to our online content as well.

All Information Must Be Accurate and Evidence-Based

Everything posted online or on this website has been medically reviewed to ensure that the information remains up-to-date with advances in medical science. We at Ascendent New York believe that everyone has the right to accurate, factual information regarding their health.

Our Editorial Process: A Step-By Step Guide

Ideals are one thing, but how do we edit our information in order to guarantee the accuracy of it?

Here are four things which we do before we publish anything on our website:

1. All Content Contributors are Carefully Selected

Every person who contributes to our content library is extensively vetted. Each contributor must maintain the highest level of medical experience and expertise which you have come to expect of us at Ascendant New York.

2. All Sources Are Peer-Reviewed Scientific Resources or From Governmental Agencies

This means every source is traced and only authenticated, peer-reviewed scientific journals or from governmental agencies are used. These sources are backed by scientific data and years of study.

3. All Content Containing Medical Information is Extensively Reviewed for Accuracy

In addition to reviewing content for credible sources, our team of experts also review all medical information for both quality and excellence. This extra layer of review ensures that all information we present is both easy to understand and scientifically accurate.

4. Previous Content is Continually Reviewed to Stay Current

Our review process does not stop once a piece is published. Instead, our team continually reviews and updates content in order to make certain that it remains current and medically accurate.

You Are Our Priority

Our meticulous review process and exhaustive fact-checking exists in order to provide you with quality information. If you or your loved ones have any suggestions on how we can further improve our editorial process, please contact us.