The Tangible Benefits of CBT

Many other forms of talk therapy focus primarily on the “why” behind some of these behaviors. While this approach has its time and place for some patients, for others rapid action and results are more beneficial.

This is where CBT thrives. This modality focuses primarily on what’s happening now, at the moment, rather than digging into what’s transpired in the patient’s past. Practitioners focus more on “how” & “what” questions rather than the more subjective “why” in order to target thoughts & the behaviors they lead to.

When undergoing Cognitive behavioral therapy, patients learn to function better and process their emotions with more objectivity. They will learn new coping skills and form healthier habits.

These skills and habits lead to a reduction in unmitigated anxiety and a more positive outlook on life and circumstances. Better stress management helps patients establish a more balanced mental state.

Patients who are able to express themselves more effectively will work with their friends, family, and coworkers more productively. These are some of the tangible benefits of CBT therapy that many Ascendant patients experience when they come to our NYC facility.

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