Customized Detox for Substance Abuse for CT Residents

At Ascendant New York, we recognize that every client is different and has unique needs when it comes to detoxification and addiction treatment. Addiction type, substance abuse history, family background, and mental health conditions can all affect how someone responds to treatment.

That’s why we take a holistic approach to our medical detox services and treatment programs. Our admission process starts with a comprehensive assessment over the phone, during which our team screens each client and reviews options. This allows our team to prepare a customized detoxification program and outpatient treatment plan so we are prepared for you or your loved one’s arrival.

We work regularly with clients from Connecticut and neighboring states who are seeking the best detox programs for substance use disorder. Our complimentary, door-to-door transportation service allows clients to be picked up anywhere in the Connecticut area and chauffeured to our detox center. Following treatment, we can drive clients back to their homes in Connecticut or to a sober living house or inpatient treatment facility. No matter if you’re in Blue Hills, Danbury, or beyond, our providers ensure that you are able to get to and from addiction recovery treatment. 

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    Our Supervised Medical Detox Program is Near You 

    Ascendant believes it is crucial to take an individualized medical approach to drug detox and alcohol detox. We treat clients who are detoxing from alcohol, benzodiazepines, opiates, heroin, fentanyl, GHB, methadone, opioids, and other prescription medications and illicit substances. This creates a wide range of unique individual cases and myriad withdrawal symptoms. Our staff takes alcohol and drug abuse very seriously and is extremely diligent when developing medical treatment plans to safely taper clients off of substances. 

    When we receive calls from clients seeking detox in Connecticut, one of the most important parts of our screening and pre-admission process is completing a medical assessment to ensure treatment is tailored to each individual case.

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    You Deserve Lifelong Wellness

    Whether you are ready to discuss your treatment options or you have questions about our addiction treatment center, detox services, or step-down outpatient programs, we’re here to help.  Call and speak with a member of our team today.

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    Holistic Services that Support the Recovery Process

    The two most important factors in the drug or alcohol detoxification process are medical observation and clinical care. At Ascendant’s detox center, we also offer a variety of behavioral health and supplemental services that help keep clients engaged and grounded while on their way to healing. Through our outpatient rehab center, clients will have access to services such as yoga, massage therapy, personal training, meditation, sound healing, aromatherapy, therapy referrals, and more. These services create both short-term and long-term benefits, including mood stabilization and relaxation. The process of detoxing from drugs and alcohol can be uncomfortable, so we make sure to do everything that we can to help ease discomfort as our clients take the first step on their new recovery journey.

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    Case Management and Aftercare Plans for Successful Sober Living

    As one of the leading outpatient rehab centers in the Connecticut area, case management and aftercare planning are of the utmost importance to us. Our clients range from college students to young adults to busy professionals, so we tailor our wide range of care services to meet each individual need—including mental health needs. Our clinical specialists will ensure that your support team back at home is engaged in your treatment as much as you would like them to be. This could include family, friends, doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, or even other drug and alcohol rehab centers in the Connecticut area. Our daily communication ensures a smooth transition upon completion of your treatment. If you are unsure about the next steps following our detox program, our team of experts can guide you in the right direction. Our expansive network allows us to connect clients to other substance abuse treatment services in Connecticut seamlessly, and we look forward to helping you do so.

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    Our premier treatment center provides clients seeking detox programs in the Connecticut area

    We are located just a short drive from Connecticut on the Upper East Side of New York City. We provide elite, comfortable transportation services that pick clients up at their front door and drop them off at ours. Our detox program is also built to accommodate Connecticut residents seeking alcohol or drug rehab for a loved one by integrating families into the treatment process. Families are invited to participate in sessions and spend time speaking with our licensed clinicians to learn how they can best support their loved one upon competition of our program. Ascendant integrates myriad therapeutic approaches to ensure that whether you are seeking detox in Connecticut for yourself or for a loved one, we are able to meet your specific needs.

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