Ensuring a safe & comfortable medical environment for drug and alcohol detox

When detoxing off of alcohol or other substances such as heroin, opiates, benzodiazepines, or other prescription medication, clients can exhibit a number of physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. It is important that when seeking detox in New Jersey, that you find a location that addresses these symptoms since they can lead, in some cases, to serious medical complications, seizures, or even death. Ascendant NY recognizes that 24/7 medical supervision is paramount to ensuring a safe and comfortable detox experience. Our medical team is composed of a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, and a team of licensed and trained nurses under the supervision of our director of nursing. Our medical team monitors and analyzes the symptoms of each of our clients on an ongoing basis throughout their detox stay.

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Accessing elite clinical care during Detox in New Jersey

Ascendant New York’s detox services have been providing New Jersians and their loved one’s access to elite clinical services at a level of care that typical lacks such a presence. In most cases, detox is predominantly focused on the medical component of safely weaning individuals off of the substances that they are struggling with and in some cases provide minimal clinical care and case management services. Ascendant New York’s philosophy is founded not only in ensuring a safe medically supervised detox component but also a compassionately focused, trauma informed, clinical modality.

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Holistic drug and alcohol detox services

Physical discomfort can be alleviated during detox under the medical supervision of specially trained care providers, while the mental unease can be treated by our highly qualified team of clinicians. At Ascendant New York, we don’t just stop there. Our team of holistic and comfort specialists take our integrative drug and alcohol approach one step further. On any given day, patients seeking detox in New Jersey that choose Ascendant, access services such as massage, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy and personal training. Staying active and connected, helps to produce positive endorphins and increase the release of serotonin which is another way to help ease the healing process during this difficult and challenging time. When abusing drugs and alcohol the pathways of the brain can be negatively affected and rewired to create adverse reactions that result in heightened levels of stress and anxiety. Yoga has proven to decrease stress levels which can in turn, decrease heart rate and blood pressure. Pairing yoga with mindfulness and meditation practices can help increase the connectivity between mind and body. The ability to be self-aware and truly listen to one’s body, can result in honest conversation with our medical and clinical providers to really dig down to the root of some of the difficulties that clients face during drug and alcohol detox. Massage can be used to help recover from any soreness or physical discomfort brought on by withdrawal symptoms from drugs and alcohol. Massage can also help with the recovery phase of our yoga and personal training tracks. The healing capacity of a massage can help reduce stress, anxiety, and even help with sleep and relaxation, all which are integral parts of the healing process.

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Luxury accommodations for individuals seeking detox in New Jersey

The comfort of a detox setting is paramount at Ascendant New York. Working with care providers in the medical, clinical, and holistic departments is fantastic, but having a comfortable, healing setting is also just as important. Clients accommodations are carefully chosen to enhance the healing process in a setting built for stress reduction and comfort. Top of the line mattresses are in every single one of our quiet, state rooms. Private rooms are available at an additional cost as well. Each room is equipped with a television on the wall that includes movie subscriptions for relaxation and downtime in the evening. Our drug and alcohol detox location also includes premium lounge areas with board games, video games, couches and TVs. Nourishment is an important part of the detox process. Many times, clients with unbalanced and unhealthy eating habits, so it is important to address the need for proper diets. At Ascendant New York we utilize a food delivery services app and offer guidance when ordering meals. Meals are ordered three times per day and chosen by each client independently off of a menu from an Upper East Side restaurant. In between meals, multiple kitchens and kitchenettes are fully stocked with food, snacks, and beverages for in between meal cravings.

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Professional and student treatment track for clients seeking detox in New Jersey

If there is one demographic of clientele that Ascendant New York is suited for above the other options available, it is our ability to work with business professionals or currently enrolled university students. Our professional setting, located comfortably in a secluded 6-story brownstone building on the Upper East Side of Manhattan suites professionals and students wonderfully. On top of our luxury accommodations and world class service, we are in some cases even able to accommodate access to email on a case by case basis. When needing to access drug and alcohol detox, it’s not always easy to leave your work and school life completely behind. At Ascendant New York, our team of professionals has the ability to help make that transition as smooth and easy as possible for the short time that you are with us. Access to classes, email, and phone services can be discussed prior to admission and if deemed professionally or educationally appropriate, accommodations can be made to help suit each individuals specific situation.

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Ascendant New York is fully accredited by multiple, reputable, associations.
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Ascendant New York’s luxury detox is located just across the river on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City.

Ascendant New York has been serving New Jersey detox clients since its inception in 2017. By providing private and comfortable transportation services from anywhere in New Jersey, Ascendant New York helps to eliminate any geographical barrier or concern that clients seeking detox in New Jersey may have. Making the decision to take the short trip is an easy one as clients unlock access to the highest level of clinical and medical care offered in the Northeast. In addition to the care providers, Ascendant New York’s holistic offerings and premium levels of comfort include but are not limited to massage therapy, yoga, meditation, premium mattresses, and a selection of New York City’s finest cuisine

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