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Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers: What to Expect - Ascendant New York

Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers

We understand that each person’s journey through recovery is unique. It is our primary focus, at Ascendant New York, to ensure that you receive the personalized, comprehensive, and compassionate support that is necessary to reach and maintain your goals of recovery. The following is a general guide on what to expect during your treatment at our drug and alcohol detox centers.

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What to Expect at Ascendant New York

First Contact

Whether it’s a call or an email, you will get the immediate and caring response you deserve at this critical time in your life. Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions that you may have about the intake and treatment process, and will work with you to determine the best course of action for meeting your individual recovery needs.

The first time that you or your provider talks with us, we will work to gain a better understanding of your treatment needs. We are available, at this time, to answer any questions that you or your loved ones may have about the process. You will be provided with information about both our inpatient and outpatient services, and we can help you to determine any costs and insurance reimbursements surrounding your treatment.

Should you decide to admit with us, we can provide more detailed information to help you prepare for your stay. Intakes are scheduled around your needs, and can even include same-day admission. Our drug and alcohol detox centers provide both double and single room options for meeting your treatment needs, and you are invited to specify, during this first conversation, which accommodations you desire. A convenient time for your admittance can be established, and we will immediately begin preparing for your arrival.


At your designated check-in time, you will be warmly greeted at our front door by a member of our admissions staff. While we take your luggage to your room, you will be shown to a comfortable waiting area. There, you will be asked a few, basic, health questions. Our admissions process is designed to be discreet, and your privacy is assured. If you desire, friends and family members are welcome to participate in the process. We will have made contact with your primary physician, before this time, in order to ensure that your inpatient treatment plan is developed in tandem with your current levels of care. We will be further available to answer any questions or address any concerns which arise at any point during this process.


Following the initial admissions process, our counselor will then escort you to our consultation office. There, you – and your loved ones, as desired – will discuss with our staff the care plan that best meets your needs. Following this discussion, you will be provided with a tour of our facility, before being shown to your designated room. Upon becoming settled in your room, a qualified member of our nursing staff will conduct an initial physical exam, and will ensure that you are made as comfortable as possible. Our rooms, as with the other aspects of our drug and alcohol detox centers, are designed to produce a sense of peace and tranquility as you undergo the process of detoxification.


The length of your stay at Ascendant New York will depend upon a few factors, including which substances are currently present in your system. An average stay is between four and seven days, but your stay may be longer, or shorter, depending on your needs. Should your needs require it, we offer private rooms for your psychological comfort during the process of detoxing.

Your care will be continually monitored by our highly-qualified clinical staff, who will prescribe medications, as needed, to address the discomfort of withdrawal. We employ state-of-the-art treatments, which are demonstrated to be effective in addressing the specific withdrawal symptoms that are associated with each, particular, addictive substance. Your medical treatment may include oral or intravenous medications, depending on your needs.

Other therapeutic treatments, including massage, yoga and counseling, may be introduced as the initial withdrawal symptoms subside. Our holistic treatment options ensure that you will receive the mental, emotional, and spiritual support that you need in order to enhance your wellness throughout your stay. Our diverse range of therapeutic offerings work to provide you with multiple options for supporting your recovery.

Leaving Our Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers

Upon completion of your inpatient treatment, we will notify your physician and review your post-detox plan of action with you. Your customized exit plan may include continuing with care at a rehabilitation facility, or with ongoing, outpatient, addiction counseling. Whichever path that you and your physician decide upon, your ongoing care is supported by our transitional procedures. In the case you are continuing your care in another vicinity, we can arrange for transportation on your behalf.

As part of your aftercare plan, we will provide you with a summary of the treatment you have received while at our facility. We will also provide you with information about what to expect physically, mentally, and emotionally over the coming days. If there is the need for continued outpatient treatments at Ascendant New York drug and alcohol detox centers, we will schedule those sessions with you before you leave the facility, and ensure that these treatments will work with your schedule.

Outpatient Treatment

Some patients will continue their detox with us on an outpatient basis. At these appointments, you will continue to receive the same devoted attention and quality medical care as with our inpatient services, but with the added flexibility of scheduling around other work or home obligations.

You can elect to participate in our individual and group therapy sessions, as well as elect to engage in ongoing holistic activities, such as through participating in our yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation sessions. All of our outpatient services are designed to support your long-term goals of sustained recovery, while providing you with the ability to continue with your life outside of treatment. Whether your continued treatment is with Ascendant, or elsewhere, multiple studies have shown that long-term recovery success is best achieved through maintaining the support of continued therapeutic treatments following your detoxification experience.

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