Drug Rehab EMDR Therapy in New York

What Does An EMDR Session Look Like?

The therapist will help the patient revisit a traumatic event. They will assist the patient in reprocessing the memory in small increments of time, some as little as 30 seconds. They will engage the eyes while this is taking place by instructing the patient to follow some form of motion that’s unrelated to what’s taking place in their brain.

Tapping, vibrations, or tonal interference may also be administered to stimulate the patient’s other senses and engage the whole body in the process. EMDR patients at our NYC facility have found relief from mental, emotional, and substance abuse-related trauma, as well as improved overall health and well-being.

Who Should Consider EMDR Therapy in New York?

Despite the fact that EMDR is a fairly new modality, it is an extremely well-researched and respected practice to help patients overcome past trauma and PTSD symptoms. However, the effectiveness of EMDR has shown strong results with several other diagnoses.

There is no formula for the ideal EMDR candidate, but our practitioners have seen positive outcomes for patients with a range of other disorders. From certain phobias, anxiety, grief, depression, some personality disorders, and even pain management. In reality, it’s far more versatile than that.

Anytime that the patient is empowered to generate more control over the fight and flight responses of the mind and body is when recovery begins. As they gain more control over negative thoughts and emotions, this is when healing begins to take shape. EMDR is a helpful and effective solution to bring about recovery and healing for a myriad of struggles.