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Alcohol Detoxification & Withdrawal

Because of its wide availability and social acceptance, alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that over 2000 people in the United States die, annually, from alcohol poisoning. While young people may have a reputation for using alcohol irresponsibly, the majority of the reported deaths related to binge drinking occur with those who are middle-aged.

Acute alcohol poisoning isn’t the only danger associated with this substance, either.  Habitual misuse and abuse of alcohol can also lead to serious health problems, and eventual death. Not only does persistent overuse of alcohol lower the body’s immune system – making it susceptible to illness and disease – it also wreaks havoc on internal organs. The liver, pancreas, heart, and brain are all negatively affected by persistent drinking habits. Over time, the brain and body can become dependent on receiving a steady dose of the alcohol, even while the alcohol is destroying these vital bodily systems. This physical dependence is a sign of addiction.

Treating Alcohol Withdrawal

Once the brain and body have developed a dependence on alcohol, abstaining from the drink can produce extremely unpleasant side effects. Initial alcohol withdrawal symptoms can range from anxiety and stomach pains to headache and insomnia. As the alcohol withdrawal progresses, more severe symptoms can emerge. These later symptoms can include increased blood pressure, trembling, and fever, and can even include hallucinations and seizures. In an effort to alleviate these symptoms, alcohol addicted persons often seek out another drink. This starts the dependency and addiction cycle all over again. Each time the cycle is revisited, more damage is done to the brain and body.

Breaking this cycle of addiction is critical. We can help you start out on your path toward eliminating the physical and mental need for alcohol. With our support, you can more gently weather the physical discomforts associated with the alcohol withdrawal, while simultaneously receiving the mental health support that is needed for full recovery.

Safe & Effective Alcohol Detoxification

At Ascendant New York, our highly trained staff of addiction specialists employ the latest in medical and therapeutic treatments for alcohol detoxification, while you recover in our serene, inspiring, facility. We care for our patients who have alcohol addiction with compassion, understanding, and comprehensive treatment. Because the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be severe, our number one priority is to make sure your alcohol detoxification experience is a safe one. Our full-time staff monitors your health before and during your treatment, ensuring that you always have access to support, medication, and information. We respond quickly to any needs that arise, and ensure that the treatment you receive in alleviating the discomfort of alcohol withdrawal is addressed with the most appropriate medications, administered when you need them.

We also treat the emotional and mental effects of alcohol dependence once the acute physical symptoms subside. Many who abuse alcohol are using the substance as a form of self-medication, intended to relieve stresses that are related to work, home, or social life. Unlike monitored medications, the unrestricted access to alcohol can contribute to using more of the substance than is initially intended. Overuse of alcohol can end up contributing to even more stress, as commitments and relationships suffer from the effects of the addiction. Partners lose their mate; children lose their parents; and employers lose their valuable employee to the alcohol addiction. These problems remain once the decision to stop drinking has been made, and can tempt the recovering person back toward drinking.

Whole-Person Healing

Due to the prevalence of this common cycle, once the physical symptoms of alcohol addiction are addressed through alcohol detoxification, our team focuses on the root source of your tendencies toward using the substance. We offer holistic therapeutic classes and sessions – including yoga; meditation; acupressure; and Tai Chi – which are designed to produce a sense of peace and mental clarity. Our group and individual therapeutic sessions are designed to provide you with new insights, perspectives, and tools for designing your life in the way that results in more joy and freedom. This combined approach of treating body, mind, and spirit gives you the best start toward recovery.

Our quality care does not end with the end of your stay, either. In addition to developing a comprehensive, customized, aftercare treatment plan with you, we continue to partner with reputable community care providers to ensure that you are fully supported in your long-term commitment to live a life free of the controlling influence of alcohol. Contact us today to begin your journey toward a new, sober life.

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