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Opiate Detoxification & Withdrawal

Opiate addiction is now considered a public health crisis. As of 2017, more than two million people, in the United States, were found to be abusing opioids. Most of the abuse and addiction is related to prescription opiates, some of which are obtained illegally. Because of the dangerous nature of this drug, physicians are being encouraged to decrease the amount of opiates which are being prescribed to patients.

Due to it being a prescription drug, many are unaware of the danger of addiction. Patients who are prescribed opiates – such as hydrocodone, meperidine, or oxycodone – for managing their pain issues may develop a dependency to the substance very quickly, and without being aware of it. If you find that you are unable to taper off from using the drug, on your own, then you may be experiencing signs of addiction.

Addiction to opiates is not an easy condition to alleviate. Both the mind, and the body, can become dependent upon the substance. Opiates bind to receptors within the brain and spinal cord, resulting in a lack of pain sensation and an increase in feelings of euphoria. Removing the influence of the substance can mean that physical pain returns, even as one’s overall mood is negatively impacted. The first few days of ceasing to self-administer opiates are the most severe, and the receiving of specialized care during this time can greatly reduce the discomfort that is experienced.

Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

Opiate withdrawal symptoms can begin just hours after the last dose. Initial symptoms can resemble having a mild flu, and tend to last for 24 hours, or more. Later symptoms can become even more uncomfortable, and can include severe stomach cramps; vomiting; and diarrhea. These severe physical symptoms tend to last for several days, further compounding the symptoms of psychological stress. Former users can experience severe depression, anxiety, and even panic attacks during this initial recovery period.

Because opiate withdrawal symptoms can become severe, our primary goal is to ensure that your opiate detoxification experience is both safe and comfortable. We care for our patients who have opiate addiction with compassion, understanding and comprehensive treatment.

Inpatient Treatment

We have a full-time staff that monitors your health before and during your opiate detoxification treatment. We respond to any needs that arise and treat the discomfort of opiate withdrawal with appropriate medications, administered when you need them. We work with your primary-care physician to ensure that you are provided with the best medical treatment options that are available, and medical support is provided by our highly trained staff.

We also treat the mental and emotional effects of opiate addiction as the acute physical symptoms subside. Many who are recovering from opiate addiction face challenges in regaining their psychological balance, and will benefit from support in multiple areas. We offer a holistic approach to your treatment, which includes relief for both the body, and the mind. In addition to our private and group therapy sessions, options are provided for participation in holistic therapies such as massage; meditation; acupressure; yoga; and Tai Chi. This combined approach of mind-body wellness gives you the best start toward recovery.

Your needs are further met through our providing of specially-designed meals. Our dedicated chef has crafted a menu which supplies valuable nutrients, while simultaneously ensuring that your taste buds are delighted. In addition to our provided meals, snacks and beverages are available on a continual basis.

All of this care takes place within our serene environment, which is designed to facilitate emotional and psychological wellness as you recover from your physical symptoms. While your privacy during treatment is assured, you are also invited to include the support of friends and family as an aspect of your treatment during this time.

Life After Opiate Detoxification

Multiple studies have shown that recovery from addiction is most likely to be successful when the participant receives ongoing support following opiate detoxification. Following your stay at Ascendant New York, we work with you to ensure that your recovery needs continue to be met. We will help to arrange for your transportation to a selected extended-treatment facility, or will make the arrangements necessary for your continuation of care at a local outpatient facility. Upon discharge, you are provided with a comprehensive report of your opiate detoxification treatment, as well as a guide to what to expect in the coming days and weeks.

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