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National Recovery Month, Life Beyond Addiction

National Recovery Month, Life Beyond Addiction The National Recovery Month honors various stakeholders that work to help people recovering from drug and substance addiction. Ascendant New York is a drug detox and stabilization center located at the heart of Manhattan. At Ascendant New York, we are dedicated to ensuring that you recover fully from all addictions using a professional, comprehensive and personalized approach.

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Real Help With Alcohol Withdrawal.

Once you have been diagnosed to have alcohol withdrawal syndrome, you should follow two sets of courses. You either seek treatment in a hospital or go for help at a detox center. The latter should be your pick as a detox center offers several benefits to people trying to recover from AWS. The severity of symptoms makes it necessary to get clean in a controlled environment. This necessity is particularly vital for those with previous cases with medical conditions such as heart or lung diseases as the symptoms can worsen anytime and threaten your life. You should be honest about your medical history and your drinking to your doctor.

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Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment in New York

What is Alcohol Addiction? Most people use the terms ‘Alcohol use Disorder’ or ‘Alcoholism.’ These are terms that are used to describe traits such as: • Enhanced cravings for alcohol • Out of control drinking habits • Alcohol withdrawal symptoms • High alcohol tolerance in pursuit of the same feeling. Alcoholism is considered a real disease. Why? There have been notable changes to one’s neurochemistry and the brain to a point where they lose control over their actions.

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How to Find Quality Drug Detoxification Programs

Many people have come across the terms “drugs” and “detoxification” but only a few may have an idea on what these terms truly mean. If you happen to be among the larger percentage of people who don’t really know the meaning of these terms, worry no more because you're about to find out.  A drug is any substance which, when introduced into a person's body, alters the normal physiological functioning of the body.

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Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment That Works

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) is the name given to the symptoms you experience as a heavy drinker upon significantly cutting down on your alcohol consumption or stopping suddenly. The syndrome features both emotional and physical symptoms.

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Drug testing in the workplace. 5 Things Everyone MUST know

The first person that comes to mind when one thinks of drugs is people who are living in the streets and teenagers that probably have nothing else to do in life. However, the truth is, most people who are crippled by drugs are working, fully functioning individuals with high-end jobs that pay them very well. Most of the careers that are considered high end are the most affected because of the pressure and responsibility that comes with pursuing certain paths.

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Drug testing in the workplace. FAQ

Employers may administer drug screening to their employees during or after employment. Similarly, law enforcement may conduct a drug test to determine whether you have exceeded the legal limit. Your insurance company may also administer drug screening to assess whether the accident is insurable

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Legal Drinking Age in the USA: The Full Truth 90% Don’t Know.

Alcoholism has been a health crisis for many generations in the United States of America. Statistics show that of the American population is not aware of the different laws that regulate the possession and consumption of alcohol. This is an astonishing figure considering liquor, wine, and beer are a regular feature in almost any social gathering and every home. The main reason as to why many people lack awareness may be due to variations in the legal frameworks of different states and the never-ending debate on what the legal drinking age in the USA should be. Different states have slightly different rules regarding consumption, blood alcohol content (BAC), public serving, and possession of alcohol in various settings.

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Do I need drug and alcohol detox or rehab?

As you search the web for options for your addiction treatment, you come across many new terms and types of programs. Among these are detox and rehab treatment. So what are the differences between these types of programs at Ascendant New York? Do I need drug and alcohol detox or rehab?

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Best drug and alcohol treatment center in Manhattan NY

You owe it to yourself to find the best addiction treatment facility you can find. Remember, the quality of all aspects of your treatment will directly affect the quality of your recovery. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time and effort getting clean only to see it go up in smoke with a relapse. It's far better to invest in the best care possible first time out of the box. At our Ascendant New York facility, we strive to be the best drug and alcohol treatment center Manhattan location possible. We understand the relevance of being located in Manhattan. With that in mind, we understand our clients are coming to us with a set of expectations, something we strive to not only meet, but also want to exceed.

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