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February 14, 2019

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms, Timeline & Detox Process

, the effects of heroin on the brain and body are severe. After introducing the substance to the body – through inhalation, ingestion, or injection – the effects are nearly immediate. Pleasurable sensations, such as euphoria, pain relief, and a sense of peace are accompanied by detrimental effects.
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Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms, Timeline & Detox Process - Ascendant New York
Ascendant New York Detox Outside
August 06, 2019

Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment in New York

What is Alcohol Addiction? Most people use the terms ‘Alcohol use Disorder’ or ‘Alcoholism.’ These are terms that are used to describe traits such as: • Enhanced cravings for alcohol • Out of control drinking habits • Alcohol withdrawal sympt...

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Drug Detoxification Programs Ascendant new York
August 04, 2019

How to Find Quality Drug Detoxification Programs

Many people have come across the terms “drugs” and “detoxification” but only a few may have an idea on what these terms truly mean. If you happen to be among the larger percentage of people who don’t really know the meaning of these terms, worry no more bec...

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Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment That Works Ascendant new York
August 04, 2019

Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment That Works

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) is the name given to the symptoms you experience as a heavy drinker upon significantly cutting down on your alcohol consumption or stopping suddenly. The syndrome features both emotional and physical symptoms.

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Drug taking at the workplace
June 25, 2019

Drug testing in the workplace. 5 Things Everyone MUST know

The first person that comes to mind when one thinks of drugs is people who are living in the streets and teenagers that probably have nothing else to do in life. However, the truth is, most people who are crippled by drugs are working, fully functioning ind...

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Drug testing in the workplace FAQ
June 25, 2019

Drug testing in the workplace. FAQ

Employers may administer drug screening to their employees during or after employment. Similarly, law enforcement may conduct a drug test to determine whether you have exceeded the legal limit. Your insurance company may also administer drug screening to as...

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