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Dr. Po-Chang Hsu, M.D., M.S.

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About Dr. Po-Chang

Po-Chang Hsu, M.D., M.S., is a medical doctor with a diverse background in medicine, research, and medical writing. Dr. Hsu believes good communications between healthcare providers and patients create the best results and his experience as both a researcher and doctor are reflected in the range of topics Dr. Hsu writes about, which include neurology, psychiatry, pediatrics, and neonatology.

Dr. Hsu earned a Master of Science from Harvard University, where his thesis focused on neuroimaging in schizophrenia patients at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Building on his research background, Dr. Hsu dedicated his time to neuroimaging in neonates at Boston Children’s Hospital, while also contributing to NASA’s Phoenix Lander Mission, a project which sent a robotic spacecraft to the north polar region of Mars. In 2016, Dr. Hsu graduated from the Doctor of Medicine program at Tufts University School of Medicine, where he treated a wide range of patients, including adult and pediatric patients with acute and chronic conditions.

After completing his medical education, Dr. Hsu pivoted to a full-time career as a medical writer and consultant. He has since refined his skills by writing and ghostwriting books and articles for physicians and health technology start-up companies. Dr. Hsu is passionate about improving healthcare through effective communication and the dissemination of medical knowledge, and currently lends his expertise to Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center as an expert contributor where he writes and reviews the medical content to ensure it is accurate and up to date.


● Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Neuroimaging & Schizophrenia
● Boston Children’s Hospital, Neonatal Neuroimaging Research


● Tufts University School of Medicine, MD
● Harvard University, MS

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