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How Long Does It Take to Detox from Alcohol?

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Alcohol detox is an essential step for people looking to recover from their alcohol addiction. However, achieving alcohol detox is often not an easy thing for a person to accomplish due to the many symptoms and side effects that trying to detox can give rise to; as such, many people often fail in their alcohol detox attempts long before they have gotten close to becoming free from their addictions.

Of course, the struggles of trying to find relief from addiction can make it incredibly hard for a person to achieve their dreams of alcohol detox in New York. Our busy modern lives do not help with this pressure, so many people revert to their old ways only a few days into their alcohol detox attempts.

Such is especially the case for people who are attempting to make the change without the necessary support networks in their lives—because if there is one thing that is vital when it comes to recovering from an addiction, it is to have people around who will be able to help you when times get tough.

But how long does it take to achieve a full alcohol detox in NYC? Is alcohol detox even possible when you live in a city such as New York that seems to be fuelled on booze and coffee?

How Long Does Alcohol Detox Take?

If you are thinking about attempting to get over your alcohol addiction or have just started your alcohol detox, one of the first thoughts on your mind is probably the question: how long does alcohol detox take?

This question is difficult to answer as it will depend on many variables. However, having a goal and a target in mind is one essential way in which you can work to make the detox process easier—which is why so many people first take the time to work out roughly how long they should expect to be going through the detox phase before they achieve their goals.

Average Length of Alcohol Detox

In the US, the average person will spend somewhere in the region of one week. However, the time you require will vary based on many factors.

People who have not been suffering from alcohol addiction for a long time will almost always have an easier alcohol detox period; the worst symptoms will be present approximately three days in, and from then, things will get easier until about a week after starting the detox. At this point, the individual should be fully recovered!

However, for people who have been battling an addiction for longer, the experience may be far more strenuous. For these individuals, the alcohol detox process could last for over a week (with the most severe responses being seen at about 3 days in). The alcohol detox will likely be harder for people battling a severe addiction due to severe physical and mental side effects, such as the potentially lethal delirium tremens.

An individual’s genetics will also play a role in the recovery process; some people will be more genetically susceptible than others.

Alcohol Detox NYC Support

If you or a loved one are seeking a New York or New Jersey detox facility, we at Ascendant are here to help. We have a proven high recovery rate and are a fully licensed, luxury medical facility. Our team are experts in assisting people with their alcohol addiction recovery; by providing an uncompromising level of support, we will help ease you through your alcohol detox. Reach out today to learn more about our rehab and detox programs.

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