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Substance Abuse Treatment Planning Program - Ascendant New York

Substance Abuse Treatment

A treatment plan should be holistic, addressing issues of body, mind, and spirit.

Our comprehensive approach – from assessment and counseling to aftercare and substance abuse treatment planning – ensures you have all of the resources necessary to take the next step toward recovery. We provide participants with a team of highly trained addiction specialists, as well with access to a wide network of mental and social support professionals. We work with your doctor, and even your employer, to ensure that your treatment needs are met. Support is delivered around-the-clock, twenty-four hours a day. We accept private pay, and most insurances will cover your stay with Ascendant New York as an out-of-network provider.

Learn more about what to expect at Ascendant New York's substance abuse treatment planning, as we walk you through our admissions process, residential detox treatment, and outpatient services. Whether you decide to stay in one of our private rooms, or to take advantage of our supportive outpatient sessions, you will find that you are treated to the upmost in quality services. All of our treatment programs focus on the whole person, rather than focusing solely on the addiction. Your participation can be very private, or can encompass the support and input of your loved ones.

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Residential Detox

Our residential inpatient substance abuse treatment center is designed to offer you the most personalized, safe, and comprehensive care while detoxing. Most inpatient stays range from a few days to a week, while our participants receive customized medical, physical, and psychological support within our comfortable accommodations. The type of care received is carefully tailored to the type of substance abuse that is being addressed. An initial, comprehensive, assessment of your individual needs will ensure that the care that you receive is the perfect fit for your circumstances. Qualified representatives are available to answer any questions you may have about our treatment program, and can be reached through phone, email, or our web-based submission form.

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Alcohol Detox

We have the experience to deal with the complexities of alcohol detox and are well prepared to provide you with safe and comfortable treatment. Withdrawal from alcohol dependence can be physically traumatizing and incapacitating. Not only are you medically supported during the uncomfortable experience of physical withdrawal from alcohol, your mental and emotional needs are further supported through our comprehensive approach to wellness. Our nutritious menu and massage therapies will soothe your body, while our meditation and support therapies will soothe your mind. You will be provided with the tools necessary to develop a lifestyle which does not include dependence on alcohol as relief from stress or social concerns.

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Drug Detox

We provide detox for multiple drugs including opiates and other prescription medications. Those struggling with opiate and benzodiazepine addictions can find that the experience of detoxing from the substances is unbearable. They can even be tempted to use the drug, again, in order to escape the discomfort. Our treatment centers can help you to overcome this hurdle of physical withdrawal in a peaceful, medically-monitored, environment. Following your recovery from the symptoms of physical withdrawal, your overall wellness can continue to be fostered through participation in our ongoing classes and therapeutic sessions. The mental and emotional factors which contribute to an individual’s tendency to rely on the drugs are addressed, at the root, resulting in sustained recovery.

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Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Planning

Through our substance abuse treatment planning program, we offer outpatient services to continue care after your initial stay. These services support your detox and work around your schedule. Following the removal of the addictive substance from the body, many recovering patients find that they feel a sense of freedom and happiness. This initial sense of relief – if not continually nurtured – can begin to disappear, over time. Once this occurs, former users are often tempted to return to the substance use. Those who are successful in recovery are most often those who are mindful of this phenomenon, and who participate in ongoing care following their initial detoxing experience. Our outpatient care encompasses the latest in research-validated techniques for maintaining your sobriety, as well as time-tested approaches.

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Holistic Approach

Because we treat the whole individual, not just addiction, our substance abuse treatment planning program offers services that can help you achieve well-being in a variety of ways. Our holistic services offer relief to mind, body, and spirit as you continue your journey toward wellness. Our supportive substance abuse treatment planning program includes yoga; acupressure; Tai Chi; and meditation sessions, all of which are designed to assist in the total recovery process. Our daily menu is prepared by our professional chef, who is specialized in constructing meals which deliver comfort and a sense of well-being in addition to being highly nutritious. The aesthetics of our facility are designed to produce a sense of tranquility, and to provide you with an environment that is conducive to wellness.

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