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Best drug and alcohol treatment center in Manhattan NY

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Ascendant’s Upscale Detox and Rehab in New York City
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The disease of addiction is a horrible burden for anyone to carry. It devastates the lives of drug users with plenty of collateral damage to boot. If you live with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, there are limits to how far you can push things before you reach the point of no return. No return would be prison, insanity, or even death.

Before you reach the point of total devastation, you need to recognize you don’t have to fall any farther. If you can summon the strength and courage to admit you have an illness and need help, you will find that help. You can start receiving that help at our Ascendant  NY drug and medical detox treatment center in Manhattan. With complete focus and commitment, you’ll have every reason to expect you can recover from your addiction and go on to live a fruitful life.

For your benefit and the benefit of other addiction sufferers, we would like to tell you about the treatment process. In our facility, we place a lot of emphasis on the detox process and a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Doing so allows us to help you mind your addiction and other aspects of your life. Please read the following and join us on the journey to your recovery from addiction.

Why Ascendant New York?

You owe it to yourself to find the best addiction treatment facility you can find. Remember, the quality of all aspects of your treatment will directly affect the quality of your recovery. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time and effort getting clean only to see it go up in smoke with a relapse. Investing in the best care possible first time is far better.

At our Ascendant New York facility, we strive to be the best drug and alcohol treatment center in the Manhattan location possible. We understand the relevance of being located in Manhattan. With that in mind, we understand our clients are coming to us with expectations, something we strive to not only meet but also want to exceed.

First and foremost, we will respect your right to privacy. Once you enter one of our addiction treatment programs, the door is closed to the outside world. That means no violation of your privacy and anonymity. Additionally, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Our luxurious decor and furnishings should make you feel right at home. We do not want you to feel you are in the sterile environment offered by a standard rehab facility.

Regarding amenities, we want to ensure you enjoy your stay as much as possible. The work you will do during the detox, therapy, and counseling will be trying. You will do a lot of hard work positioning yourself for a lasting recovery. Obviously, you can’t spend all day in treatment. When it’s time to let your hair down, we want you to relax and enjoy yourself in a serene environment.

Our pledge to you is this: We won’t rest easy until we know you are on the right path to a full recovery from your addiction, a recovery that will hopefully last your lifetime. This pledge comes on behalf of an extremely talented group of highly-trained addiction treatment professionals.

Our Detox Programs – The Beginning of Treatment
The day you first enter our addiction treatment facility, we will make it our goal to prove we are the best drug and alcohol treatment center in the Manhattan location. It all begins with an intake process. During the intake process, one of our clinicians will interview you about your personal situation and the extent of your addiction. From this information, they should be able to chart a course of treatment.

In most cases, a detox program will be the first step in the treatment process. However, we are acutely aware of the withdrawal symptoms you might encounter when you suddenly stop abusing your substance of choice. In some cases, withdrawal in the short term is almost as dangerous as abusing the substances in question. As a point of reference, consider this list of potential withdrawal symptoms you might face if you have a heroin addiction:

  • Significant respiratory and circulatory issues
  • Severe muscle cramping throughout your body
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Hallucinations and nightmares
  • Tremors and convulsions
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Sleeping issues

A glance at this list should be enough to convince you not to go through withdrawal alone. It’s far better to let our medical staff help keep you safe and comfortable throughout the detox process. We are proud to announce that we offer detox programs for many substances.

As part of our medically-monitored detox programs, our professional medical staff will monitor your progress. Hopefully, you will be able to clear your cravings and withdrawal symptoms as naturally as possible. However, we will be prepared to offer you medication assistance if issues of discomfort or safety become apparent.

In some cases, particularly related to a severe opiate addiction, we might prescribe a tapering program with medications like suboxone and methadone. We will use this kind of detox program if we have concerns that a standard detox program would put your well-being at risk. The detox process will take longer with a tapering program, but avoiding the additional risk is necessary.

After successfully clearing withdrawal and your cravings, it is on to therapy.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment
Rather than confine you to an inpatient treatment program, we would prefer to offer you an outpatient option. You would still need to submit to intensive counseling but would have the ability to start attending to your outside life as a sober person. Otherwise, we will offer you help via a good inpatient treatment option.

Therapy and counseling aim to help you find out the truth about your addiction. You can look at the process as a journey of self-discovery. With an honest and open approach to therapy, you will hopefully discover the root causes of your addiction. Unfortunately, some addiction treatment facilities underestimate the importance of this knowledge. The truth is you can’t fix a problem if can’t you uncover the problem.

You can begin developing coping and life skills as you identify your issues. These are the skills you will need in the future to avoid relapses when triggers and temptation come calling.

Holistic Integration
At Ascendant New York, we don’t suppose for a moment that you’re nothing more than an addict. If fact, we believe you are a high-functioning individual with a heart and soul. As such, you need ways to relax and center yourself when things get tough. We find that holistic treatment and mental health services are great tools for addressing your overall well-being. With this in mind, we want to introduce you to holistic treatment options such as acupuncture, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and massage therapies. With these options in your recovery toolbox, we believe you will be well-equipped to live like a sober person.

If you are suffering from a powerful addiction to any dangerous substance, you need help. The good news is Ascendant – NY is here to do just that, help you. If you or a loved one are seeking drug or alcohol detox in New Jersey or New York, please call us.

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