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Nutrition and Addiction Recovery - Ascendant New York

Nutrition and Addiction Recovery

Chef David Burke designs seasonal menus that are physically, mentally, and emotionally uplifting for Ascendant New York clients.

With a menu designed as a compilation of some of his signature restaurant dishes, Chef David Burke has kept in mind the importance of good taste and nourishment for those going through difficult changes in their lives. His cuisine is crafted to lift the body, mind, and spirit of those who are undergoing this significant life transition of withdrawal and recovery.

Good Nutrition for the Body

Good nutrition is important for everyone, but those recovering from drug and alcohol addictions are in particular need of healthy nourishment, and of meals designed to replenish the vital nutrients that substances tend to rob from the body. Persistent substance use can reduce the body’s ability to absorb and utilize vitamins and minerals, resulting in a lack of ability to undergo the regenerating process. Cells can become entrenched with toxins, and the body can become unable to rid itself of damaging agents. The immune system can become compromised, resulting in more frequent illness and the risk of disease. Intestinal and digestive systems can be knocked off kilter, and appetite can be sabotaged.

In addition to the damage of substance abuse on the body, the physical stress of substance withdrawal, itself, can be difficult. Supplying the body with good foods during this crucial period can jump-start the process toward full recovery. Our mindfully crafted meals include a focus on incorporating foods that are the highest in nutritional value, providing the body with a storehouse of building blocks from which to regenerate itself. Not only do vital bodily systems benefit, but hair, nails, and teeth benefit from good nutrition, as well. Improvement in the condition of these outward attributes can contribute to a heightened sense of self-esteem, as well as provide a boost in overall confidence levels.

Delicious Food for the Senses

Even as proper nutrition positively affects the physical body, it can simultaneously improve psychological health as well as one’s nutrition and addiction recovery success. Certain foods, and the nutrients that they contain, have been shown to decrease depression and reduce anxiety. Depression and anxiety are two of the most common psychological withdrawal symptoms that are present for patients who are undergoing detox, so including these power foods within the diet during this critical time can help to alleviate some of these distressing symptoms of withdrawal. Tending to both your physical health – and to your psychological health – is of upmost importance during your recovery.

Healthy eating is not only imperative to overall health, it can also be delicious and enjoyable. Chef Burke understands the desires of our palates, and crafts dishes which are as pleasing to the taste buds as they are to the body. As the recovering patient gains more freedom from the effects of the substances, they may find that their sense of taste becomes more acute. This provides an opportunity to experience foods in a whole, new, way. Consuming delicious, and nourishing, foods becomes part of the holistic experience of wellness, and our dishes are designed to encourage continued exploration into the delectable options available for meeting your nutrition and addiction recovery needs.

Healthy Eating, Nutrition and Addiction Recovery

Studies have shown that nutrition and addiction recovery go hand in hand, and is a vital part of one’s overall wellness. Consuming the right foods – at the right time – can result in more energy and a more positive outlook on life. Those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction are in a perfect position to introduce this change in lifestyle, which includes sustaining recovery through the making of good food choices. While enjoying our exquisite cuisine, you are simultaneously able to be educated in ways to incorporate healthy eating as part of your outpatient plan for continued success. For those who already practice healthy eating habits, you will find that your established nutrition and addiction recovery goals are fully supported.

Our experienced staff serves all specially prepared meals with style. In addition to providing a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner during each day of your stay, Ascendant New York also ensures that patients have access to hot and cold beverages and single service snacks during all hours. Join us in experiencing the positive difference that incorporating healthy, appetizing foods can make along the path toward wellness.

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