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Heroin Withdrawal Treatment - Heroin Detoxification - Ascendant New York

Heroin Withdrawal Treatment & Detoxification

Heroin is an illicitly produced opioid drug, and its effects and treatment are very similar to prescription opiates. Studies estimate that approximately 80% of heroin users began their opioid addiction through the use of prescription medication. Because of the highly addictive nature of this substance, current medical providers are being encouraged away from prescribing opioids for pain management. This can result in dependent persons seeking the effects of the drug through illicit means.

In 2017, alone, there were over 15,000 deaths resulting from heroin overdose . Because of its illicit nature, it is impossible to know the exact dosage being taken, or the exact contents which are being administered. Users may experience several uneventful highs, only to unexpectedly administer a lethal dose.

Heroin is most commonly self-administered through injection, which carries its own dangers. Users of hypodermic needles are at a high risk for contracting blood-borne pathogens, such as HIV and hepatitis. These health conditions can lead to serious debilitation, and even death.

Symptoms of Heroin Withdrawal

Initial heroin withdrawal symptoms can begin just hours after the last dose, and range from anxiety and nausea to agitation and depression. These first symptoms are often what prompt the user to find another dose of the drug.

Following the initial heroin withdrawal symptoms, the physical and mental discomforts can increase to intolerable levels. Former users may find that they sweat profusely; their noses begin to run; and their eyes are constantly watering. Body aches are common with heroin withdrawal, as are intestinal problems. Diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting can make continuing with the daily routine impossible. Symptoms can also include a fever, and the risk of dehydration is high. A recovering heroin user is likely to find it difficult to sleep, and can even experience a period of psychosis.

These acute symptoms of heroin withdrawal can last from a few days, to a week. Because the symptoms can be severe, our primary goal is to ensure that your heroin detoxification experience is safe and comfortable. We care for our patients who have heroin addiction with compassion, understanding, and comprehensive treatment.

What to Expect During Heroin Withdrawal Treatment

We have a full-time staff that monitors your health before and during your heroin withdrawal treatment. We respond to any needs that arise during the discomfort of heroin withdrawal treatment with appropriate medications, administered when you need them. We network with your physician and other relevant care providers to ensure that you receive the heroin withdrawal treatments which are best suited to your individual situation, and we can provide you with relief from the acute symptoms of heroin withdrawal during the critical first days of recovery. Your care is delivered by our team of highly-qualified specialists, all who are trained in meeting the needs of those in heroin withdrawal treatment.

We also treat the emotional and psychological effects of heroin addiction that tend to arise as the acute physical symptoms subside. As the effects of the substance fade, former users are left to face the life that they have been avoiding through the intoxication. Fears, insecurities, and anxiety about the past and future are common experiences for the recovering individual. Our team is trained in assisting you to reconnect with your inner strengths, and we work to provide you with the tools necessary to transition to your new life. To this end, we offer holistic therapies, which are intended to regenerate both body, and mind. These optional, holistic, therapies include yoga; massage; meditation; acupressure; and Tai Chi. Utilizing these methods in a combined approach toward wellness gives you the best start toward recovery.

The environment at Ascendant New York is designed to provide you with privacy, peace, and tranquility as you recover. Our esteemed chef provides our guests with delicious and nutritional meals, which are specially designed to replenish necessary nutrients while simultaneously delighting the taste buds. In addition to the provided meals, snacks and beverages are continually available. Friends and family are invited to participate in your recovery, as you desire.

Life After Heroin Detoxification

Following heroin detoxification at Ascendant New York, we will work with you develop a plan of action. For those transitioning to a longer-term facility, we will assist you in arranging transportation. For those who are continuing their recovery with an outpatient facility, we will work with the facility to ensure that continuation of care is consistent. Whichever path is chosen, the importance of continuing to receive support for your sustained recovery is imperative in achieving success. Following heroin detoxification, Ascendant New York provides you with all of the tools necessary to reach your goals of sobriety.

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